Sari blows the whistle on the cops (again) In 1983, Sari Morninghawk got a crash course in how to set up a professional sound system, tear it down, and move it from show to show. She also got a crash course in politics: national, international, local, leftwing, musician/stage crew politics. Most importantly, Morninghawk received a crash course in singing original dance music with a message. She found herself doing a myriad of new things - lead vocals, co-writing material, negotiating contracts to move the band she had recently joined (Stick Against Stone) from New York City to the West Coast via the infamous 1983 Rock Against Reagan Tour.
Her "Intro to New Music" course was an experience of which many might dream, until faced with the real day to day challenges of a musician on the road. Morninghawk met the challenges and got her first performing experiences at CBGBs and other Manhattan clubs. One of her first shows included H.R. and Earl Hudson of the Bad Brains in the lineup. H.R. also sat in with Stick Against Stone on several occasions. Within six months, Morninghawk was travelling from city to city on an adventure that would climax in a blowout show in San Francisco. This event, held in Dolores Park, featured Stick Against Stone along with Whoopi Goldberg, The Dead Kennedys, MDC, speaker Dennis Peron, and other musicians, comics, and speakers. temp
When Morninghawk joined Stick Against Stone, it was part of the emerging World Beat scene, although in 1983 no one had yet used the phrase. The new sound, with influences from international and domestic dance styles, made a big impression on the young Morninghawk, who made it her own. During the summer of '83 Morninghawk and the rest of the band shared a Brooklyn warehouse with H.R. and Earl Hudson, singer and drummer of the Bad Brains, and started gigging in Manhattan. In the fall, Stick Against Stone accepted an offer to be the touring band for the West Coast leg of the Rock Against Reagan Tour. temp In 1985, Morninghawk and the rest of the band moved to San Francisco where the World Beat scene embraced them. Performing extensively in the Bay Area, Sari Morninghawk found her niche as a vocalist. Her band opened for The Kantner, Balin, Cassidy Band (of Jefferson Airplane/Starship fame) and Ghanaian master drummer Obo Addy. In 1993 she and David renamed the band Mental Block Party, and in 1996 added Ahkil Mustafa on drums.