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Mental Block Party is:

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Sari Morninghawk - vocals, keyboards, piano.
David Soule - bass.
Ahkil Mustafa - drums.
All songs composed by Sari Morninghawk & David Soule except Black Hole Lover composed by Sari Morninghawk on the sly.
All lyrics written by Sari Morninghawk except Under Water written by Joline Jozokos.
Special thanks to Richard Vitale who cowrote What I Want.

The Mental Block Party crew had the opportunity to work with some extraordinary musicians on this CD. Ethan Bixby plays guitar on eight songs, including some great solos on Under Water and Something's Wrong.
    Drummer and percussionist Richard Vitale plays superb percussion on five songs, most notable being Can Life Be Speaking?, and Bed of Concrete. You can email Richard Vitale from this site.
    David Bell plays some excellent kick-ass rockin' guitar on Big Truck and Bed of Concrete.

The Mental Block Party CD was recorded at Bellboy Studio in Richmond, CA. The engineer at the studio, David Bell (who also plays guitar), was great to work with. We all highly recommend recording there.

We mastered the CD at Mr. Toads in San Francisco. The staff there is great to work with, they have excellent equipment and competitive prices.